Saturday, September 13, 2014

#Popfan (aka Lighthouse) *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Chelsea Kane plays pop star Ava Maclaine, whose looking to reinvent herself in this piece of Lifetime Movie fodder, in which Ava finds herself a virtual prisoner in a distant lighthouse after she's rescued from a car crash by passing stranger. In this clip, Ava makes a mad dash for the truck to escape, but she can't get the vehicle to start and he just grabs her and carries her back into the lighthouse.

Afterward, she's seen lying in bed with her hands tied above her head, struggling and thrashing around as her captor tries to convince her he loves her in two other scenes. Later, when the boyfriend and his friend arrive looking for her, she's seen gagged over the mouth, still struggling (and apparently unable to figure out she can reach her gag and pull it off) and the kidnapper talks them into leaving. Ava breaks loose at the last moment and after some frantic moments, she gets in the car with the boyfriend and they escape.

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