Saturday, September 13, 2014

Team America: World Police *Decent Ws DVD Rip*

The South Park comedy team bring their gift for vulgar satire to this parody of kids' marionette action series in this hilarious film about a secret organization dedicated to wiping out terrorists around the globe. However, when a conspiracy of pacifist actors leave the team without computer controls, they are captured by Kim Jong Il, who has given terrorist cells all over the world WMDs to turn every country into a third world wreck. with the rest of the team locked up in a dungeon being tortured, Kim has Lisa (voiced by Kristen Miller) brought upstairs to see his plan unfurl. She's seen dressed up and tied to a chair as Kim sets his plan in motion during an epic peace conference.

During the escape, the team encounters  Susan Sarandon who is tied up in another room, apparently because she didn't want to go along with the plans. She's a decoy however.

*Jesus titty-fucking Christ !! Warning; Bad Language throughout !!*

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