Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Bridge: "Quetzalcoatl" *Decent WS Web Rip*


With Romina (Jenny Pellicer) still in his custody,  a rescue attempt made by Marco becomes fausto's opportunity to escape from a Marine death trap. first Marco is thrown in a horse stall where Romina sits handcuffed by one wrist to pipe overhead, barely conscious, begging for help. He tries to get her to talk and tell him how many men Fausto has, but she can't think straight. He tells her the Marines are coming to save them both. Later, Marco and Romina sit in as Fausto negotiates with the Marine commander for his escape.

A black SUV exits Fausto's compound and at a pre-determined spot the soldiers open fire. the machines smokes and shudders to a halt. Prying the doors open they only find one of fausto's thugs behind the wheel. Fausto meantime exits another vehicle and after cutting Romina out of her restraints takes his hostages into the wilderness, making good his escape.

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