Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Complete Saga of the Victims by Alan Hewetson

In this grindhouse horror / damsel in distress melding, two attractive young girls (Josey Forster and Anne Adams) are kidnapped and relentlessly tormented by zombies, vampires, robots, skinless freaks, scalding water, squids undead pirates and a host of other sinister characters.

The chapters are loosely connected at best, but The Saga Of The Victims first appeared in the early 1970s in Scream, one of the Skywald horror comics. A fantastic psychological-literary experiment, the story was destined for six installments. But Skywald folded before it reached its conclusion and readers never learned the fate of the two girls who suffer peril after peril.

Skywald Publications was barely a blip on the comic book scene during the 1970s. Although something of a small cult is beginning to surround Skywald these days, the company lasted barely four years--their books cover-dated December 1970 to April 1975. Best described as a poor man's Warren, Skywald attempted to ape Warren's line of black-and-white horror mags with cheap-looking titles like SCREAM, NIGHTMARE, and PSYCHO, though its stories were far below the normal standards of Warren's CREEPY and EERIE.

The paperback version sells for $75.26 on Amazon, but there are online copies floating hither and yon if one is so inclined. In the panels to the left, the girls find themselves aboard an old sailing ship crewed by undead pirates. the pirates bind and gag them and have them walk the plank, where they pitch into a swirling whirlpool. the victims wash ashore and get free of their bonds only to face a new danger.