Monday, October 20, 2014

Abducted (AKA Schoolgirls in Chains) *Decent Web Rip*

In this horror tale, two deranged brothers kidnap young girls and keep them captive in chains in their basement. Standing beside her olive hatchback parked by the side of the road, it would seem that Sue (Merrie Lynn Ross) is having a bit of car trouble. Noticing this, Frank pulls over to pretend to lend a hand to the blonde woman. Offering to drive her to see a mechanic friend of his, Sue, without hesitation, gets in his car. Realizing something is fishy right from the get-go, Sue starts to question Frank as to where it is he is taking her. Tired of hiding in the backseat, Johnny decides to make his presence felt. The combination of Frank's sinister coyness and Johnny's imbecilic cackling is what probably caused Sue to make a run for it. Running alongside a freight train, Sue barely makes it twenty feet before being caught by Johnny, who is surprisingly fast for an uncoordinated half-wit.

Unceremoniously dumped in the fruit cellar located underneath their lovely home, which is next to an apple orchard, Sue meets her cellar-mates, Ginger (Suzanne Lund), a leggy brunette who's been down there for at least two weeks, and Stevie (T.R. Blackburn), a sickly blonde who has clocked somewhere around two months of fruit cellar time.Itching to play with his new toy, Johnny, not before asking his mother if it's okay, puts a dog collar on Sue and takes her for a walk. Well, he was supposed to play inside the house, but Sue persuades him to take her to the orchard to play. Expecting trouble, Frank grabs his shotgun and follows them. And he's right, Sue takes off running while playing a game of hide and go seek. Of course, the simple-minded Johnny has no idea Sue is trying to escape, but Frank knows better.

Later, Ginger is hauled out of the cellar on a leash and dog collar. Johnny proceeds to examine Ginger and after some clumsiness, Frank gets rid  his brother as he decides to rape her on the couch. The need to provide Johnny with a new playmate leads the to abduction of Bonnie (Cheryl Waters).  She's cornered in a parking lot by drooling idiot Johnny before being chloroformed from behind by Frank.

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