Sunday, October 5, 2014

Evil Obsession *Decent Ws Web Rip*

A psycho is slicing and dicing top model sin a particular fashion, cleave-gagged with white cloth, bound stretched out across an operating table with rubber tubing in a ready made plastic shroud, using surgical instruments. Victim #1 wears a short t-shirt and panties, both white. Her wrists are tied together over the head along with the plastic, which flanks her body while leaving her exposed from head to thigh. The shirt is cut down the middle and pushed aside revealing a white lacy bra. Her bra is similarly cut down the middle and parted. The killer then draws a surgical cutline in grease pencil from lower chest to navel.

Victim #2 wears a short gray t-shirt and lacy pink panties. Like the first scene the t-shirt and bra are cut down the middle and the dotted line drawn. The bra is cut away exposing her full breasts. Her wrists are tied down at her sides and the plastic covers her from the waist up. The scene ends as the killer teases her with a scalpel. Victim #3 wears a black bra and cutoff jeans. Her bra is cut and parted to expose her breasts, and the plastic only covers her waist down, and she's threatened with a scalpel. Her wrists are tied together loosely at the waist connected lasso style to her feet in a kind of forward hogtie.

Margo (Kimberly Stevens) does some snooping around an acting class studio where voyeuristic creep is known frequent, but she's surprised by the real killer instead. She is topless, wearing red panties with lacy black fringes. Her wrists are tied at the sides and the plastic covers everything but her head. She's briefly tormented with the scalpel when our hero arrives to shoot the killer and rescue her.

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