Monday, October 20, 2014

Freight *Decent WS DVD Rip*

The British and Russian mobs come into conflict in Leeds, resulting in the abduction of boss's daughter Julie Taylor (Laura Aikman) by some human traffickers. We get a brief look at Julie OTM gagged, bound and locked in the trunk of the kidnapper's car.  She's brought into an underground brothel / fight club cleave-gagged with her hands tied in front, where two goons debate what's to be done with her. later, tied to a chair, Julie falls over in her struggles, but she's righted and set free by some girls, but their flight is halted by some thugs. Later, Julie's father has some of his thugs track down and abduct four Russian gang members off the street, including Carla (Aleksandra Koblielak). they have their hands zip-tied behind hem as they are stuffed into waiting vehicles. At a mechanic shop, the four are seen tied to chairs as they are interrogated, and threatened with being crushed under some lowering vehicles. The prisoners are all executed by Julie's hotheaded brother, but a cellphone provides the needed link to Julie's captors. Elsewhere, Julie makes another abortive escape attempt with the aid of another girl.

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