Saturday, October 11, 2014

From Hell *Hq Ws DVD Rip*

In this interesting re-invention of the Jack the Ripper case (as taken from the graphic novel) a clairvoyant detective's investigation into the killing of prostitutes in Whitechapel is stymied by royal conspiracy, police incompetence, arch Victorian prejudices as well as his own personal demons. In the first brief bit, our ladies of the night get a rude awakening after spending a rough night tied together side by side to a church pew, as the long rope around them is untied and they tumble from their precarious lodging. Later, prostitute Ann Crook (Joanna Page) is kidnapped by thugs while servicing the Duke of Clarence in bed (and mothering an illegitimate heir to the throne, besides). She's hauled off kicking and screaming into a coach and afterward interrogated at knife-point about "who else knows". Later in the film, she's roughly strapped down to a surgical table, with her head shaven, knocked out by an ether mask and given a forced lobotomy in front of a gathering of imminent surgeons in order to "cure" her of hysteria.

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