Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hollyrope: Pay the Ransom! (Trailer)

From Hollyrope; Catie Parker has been taken for ransom, after calling her daddy, she gets tighly tied and ball gagged. After a while with the ball gag in her mouth, her kidnapper decides to give her jaw a rest and takes the ball gag off, just to gag Catie with duct tape. A very special extra at the end of the video: the Handcuffs Challenge!!! After shooting the video, I handcuffed Catie and blindfolded her, then I hid the keys of the cuffs somewhere in the studio. In order to get free, Catie had to find the keys, and now the blindfold works as a cleave gag... really fun game to end the video.

Download Here

Brightest Blessings, Be Safe and Have Fun !!