Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hostel 2 (Part 1) *Decent Ws DVD Rip*

*Naturally quite bloody & violent, with nudity and language as well. Be advised.*

Three female college students take a detour from their art studies and traveling, enticed by a beautiful European woman who promises seclusion, safety and maybe even romance. instead the women walk into a living nightmare as they are sold online by the infamous Elite Hunting Club, which offers the jaded super-rich a chance to murder another person in any fashion they desire. In the first scene, sweet naive Lorna (Heather Matarazzo) is led away from a party on a romantic boat ride, only to be attacked and clubbed unconscious by some thugs on the other side of the river. She wakes up naked, gagged, suspended upside down from chains and manacles.  She's pushed into position over a tub built into the floor by her kidnappers and given a mocking kiss. Enter a robed woman who strips nude and lies in the tub under Lorna. She picks up a long sharp scythe and delicately pokes the helpless girl with the tip before she begins cutting her apart, bathing ecstatically in the falling blood, Elizabeth Bathory style. She cuts Lorna's throat, ending her misery.

Elsewhere, bound and cleave-gagged victims struggle futilely inside a locked cell. Whitney (Bijou Phillips) is removed from the cell by some thugs and afterward seen tied in a chair at a beautician's table.  She's un-gagged and teased with the keys to her handcuffs by a fat, gap-toothed woman. Whitney's hands are un-cuffed and she suddenly lurches forward and bites her tormentor's nose. Whitney makes a mad dash for freedom, but is cut off by the guards at a security station, who laugh as they lock down the hallway and Whitney is cornered by savage guard dogs.

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