Monday, October 27, 2014

Joyride 3: "Roadkill" Decent Ws Web Rip*

Another pointless sequel;  psychopathic trucker Rusty Nail returns to cut a bloody swath down the highway, starting off with a pair of no-good crack addicts, Candy (Sara Mitich) and Rob, who lure him into a motel sexual rendezvous, with the intent of robbing him. Bad decision; Rusty takes out both of them and afterward they are seen chained at the wrists crouching in front of his 18 wheeler. Pleading does no good and they are forced to straddle the front of his truck as he drives, with the ends of the chains attached to the u-joint on the axle, all they have to do is hang on for one mile and he'll set them free. If one falls the chain will tighten and pull both under the truck. Mysteriously despite the fact its a public highway at midday, there's no other traffic to see any of this and of course the duo don't survive the trip.

Later, Rusty Nail is run off the road by some hotshot racing drivers and so he makes a point of hunting them down to make them pay. He chases down Jewel McCaul (Kirsten Prout) and a friend driving a minivan and knocks them off the road. He kidnaps the unconscious pair and puts them in the back of his truck. He ties up Jewel to some steel barrels at his hideout and calls up her friends demanding the race car as ransom for their return. The exchange goes south and so Jewel is seen with duct tape on her mouth as she's forced to witness Bobby's murder as he's crushed to death with spiked tire chains wrapped around his body and head, attached to an electric winch (YUCK !!).

Finally, our "hero" Jordan thinks he's saved Jewel from a car crushing machine, but instead finds a video camera running of the poor girl hysterically screaming, strapped to the smokestack of the truck as Rusty Nail takes her for a ride and slamming her into a steel bridge support.

*Language and Violence !*

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