Monday, October 27, 2014

Keepsake *Ws Web Rip*

In this interesting albeit disturbing film,  Janine Burns (Sunny La Rose) is driving down a road at night when she has an accident. The tow truck driver who arrives turns out to be a psychopath. At the gas station he takes her to, she runs away from him. At 8m he grabs her by the hair and drags her to a restroom. When a deputy arrives at the station, he cuffs her hands in front of her around the pipe of a toilet. While he deals with the deputy, she breaks the pipe and starts toward the restroom door. He meets her at the door and injects her with a sedative.

She wakes up in a barn, hand still cuffed in front of her and her shirt at her wrists. The bad guy puts an electroshock collar that has a remote switch on her. He shocks her a couple of times. He eventually takes her cuffs off, then throws her down into a cellar and closes the door above her. Later, she wakes up a woman screaming and wakes up to a victim (played by Liz Blake) being assaulted. she mouths off at him once to many time and he mutilates her with a pair of metal shears.

Afterward, Janine lures him down into the cellar, but he's not buying it, she breaks a light-bulb. She uses the opportunity to pick the lock off of  her collar. He goes in after her armed with the remote, but she leaps out of the dark and stabs him in the knee with the shears. While he's crippled she locks the collar on him and whispers "How does it feel" as he writhes under continuous electric shocks.

Another chase ensues after he manages to turn off the collar and she shoots him up with the sedative. Afterward, Janine and the last girl Pleasance (Anna Tulou) hug. Janine injects her with a sedative as they hug. The next scene shows the bad guy and Pleasance sitting in chairs facing each other, wrists and ankles bound to arm rests and chair legs with duct tape. She gives Pleasance some "light reading".

After she's murdered the kidnapper, Janine leaves Pleasance to rot in the cellar as she's a "traitor" who couldn't bring herself to help any of the other girls the man had kidnapped and murdered over th years.

*Bad Pixelization toward the end of the clip, darn it.* 

*Violence and Language !!*

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So ends Horror Month for 2014, hope you enjoyed. We return to normal content next regular full update.