Saturday, October 11, 2014

Liv & Maddie: "Helgaween-Rooney" Decent Ws Web Rip*

It's Halloween and Maddie makes a wish to no longer be a twin on a magical amulet creating Helga, Liv and Maddie's triplet, who is  weird undead looking creature with telekinetic powers. In the first bit, Helga escorts the hooded and cloaked twins (played by Emmy Buckner and Shelby Wulfert  ) to a Halloween party in chains and manacles. Later, another pair of evil clones decide to make parent pot pie out of the Karen Rooney (Kali Rocha) and her husband. they are seen seated side by side in huge steaming iron kettles wrapped up in nylon rope, with the husband already gagged with an apple wedged in his mouth. Karen is gagged with a stalk of celery slapped across her mouth when she starts yelling.

Oh, it was all a dream.

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