Monday, October 6, 2014

Riddick *Hq Ws DVD Rip*


In this sequel, anti-hero Riddick is left to rot on a sun-scorched desert world and he's forced to use an emergency beacon inside an abandoned camp frequented by Mercs (bounty hunters) so he can hopefully hijack a ship and escape. In the hold of the first Merc vessel to arrive, a prisoner (played by Keri Hilson) is unconscious and shackled. Merc leader Santana orders her revived and released to make room for the "big fish", namely Riddick. The youngest member of the team revives the woman and sets her loose, begging her to run before Santana changes his mind. Her dash for freedom is short-lived as Santana shoots her dead with a sniper rifle.

*This scene exists only to show what an asshole Santana is. He gets his just desserts*

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