Sunday, October 19, 2014

Savage County *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Dreadful, stupid shaky-cam POV made-for-TV horror about a group of teenage stereotypes who go on vacation in the country, play a prank on a local and accidentally kill him, incurring the wrath of his tribe of homicidal inbreeds. In the first bit,  Dorothy Kramer (Melissa Carnell) sits tied up in a chair barefoot as she is tortured, branded and finally pitched forward into the revolving blades of a lawnmower. she's held up by some ropes, but one of the killers gets impatient with her noises and cuts her down with deadly results. Afterward, Caitlyn (Rebekah Graf) is tormented by the killers hung upside down by her feet over a bucket and has her throat slit as pierced goth Angie (Ivy Mclemore) looks on and screams. They dump Caitlyn's body in acid, a scene which the leader watches back and forth over and over, cackling.

Afterward, Angie is pawed at and groped by one of mush-faced inbreds, and manages to wriggle free of her chains. Later, Izzy (Ana Ayora) stands by bound in chains as her comanion has his legs broken with baseball bat. She pleads as a sack is put over her head.

*Violence and language*

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