Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sinister *Hq Ws DVD Rip*

In this horror film, a true crime writer unwittingly frees an evil supernatural force that takes over the bodies of his children one by one, after he discovers a cache of 8mm films reels depicting the terrible murders of several families. In the first bit,  standing in a row with sacks over their heads, hangman's nooses around their necks, and their arms bound behind them. They are standing on a lawn next to a large tree. The nooses' lines are thrown over one branch, and tied to another limb of the tree. That limb breaks and falls, pulling the four up, legs kicking frantically until they stop.

Next, there's brief scene of a family enjoying some fishing by a stream before switching to the interior of a garage, with a car closed up with chains and the interior soaked in gasoline. inside the family members lie wriggling helplessly, bound and gagged with duct tape. A match is lit and the vehicle goes up in smoke. Afterward, another scene of a family having a pool party, and then a nighttime view of a pool, where there are a row of four sun-loungers, each with a cement block and a rope attached to it and a family member gagged and duct taped in place on each one. They are pulled into the pool one by one to drown. Our writer gets his first look at a creepy distorted figure reflected in the water.

Another 8mm home movie, with the cameraman/killer is moving around in a home. He enters the master bedroom, where a man and a woman are tied to a bed with brown tape, brown tape around their wrists in front of them, and brown tape over their mouths. The killer put a knife to the man's throat... Afterward, another reel of the killer watching a family watching TV, before switching to the view of a lawnmower being started and pushed at a pace across the lawn, and directly over tape bound and gagged girl's head.

Following this, the writer is given a knockout drug in his coffee with a mocking note reading, "Good Night Daddy" he wakes up later in the living room, on the floor, bound and gagged with duct tape with his wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance) lying some distance away, likewise secured, before both are murdered by his daughter wielding an ax.

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