Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 7th Hunt (Overview)

The 7th Hunt is an independent horror film from Australia, directed by J.D. Cohen, co-directed by Darren K Hawkins for Cinegear Productions/Coherent Productions in 2008 and first screened in 2009.It is widely considered to be of the Ozploitation (Australian Exploitation) genre. The plot revolves around a group of sadistic killers and their victims, in Hostel meets Saw sort of set-up on a budget of pocket change. The film stars actress and swimsuit model Imogen Bailey of Neighbors fame.

Bondage bits galore are the only things making this film noteworthy for this blogger. Tries earnestly to be more than it is but fails. Despite the title the only hunting that goes on is in collection of the victims. after that its close-up slasher fodder and even that comes out poorly. Deadly slow pacing,  the obvious limitations of the sets (they look like parts of a college campus after dark) clumsy arch-psychological drivel dialog doesn't help. This is a BAD movie.