Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 7th Hunt, Part 1 *Decent Ws DVD Rip*

In this clip, the killer dubbed The Knife corners Sarah Fairmont (Olivia Solomons) he knocks her around and gasses her, knocking her out. Elsewhere, goth girl Callie Clarke (Cassady Maddox) has been lured to little bondage dungeon with some painted up cuties wriggling around tied up to bondage furnishings, a trap set by The Inquisitor. At a bar, the server (Samantha Sheridan) meets The Hand who hand-gags and suffocates her to death with an iron grip. In a back alley,Ariel Clarke (Imogen Bailey) is darted in the back of the neck by The Sniper. She's tied up, tape gagged and loaded in the trunk of a car. Ariel wakes up and and kicks the trunk open, causing the driver to crash. A tedious chase ensues between the Sniper and Ariel, and she's eventually wounded, and brought down with a rifle butt stroke to the face.

The victims are brought to the facility, Callie is shown with her wrists shackled behind her and leather bondage hood on her head. Sarah is carried in unconscious, bound and tape gagged by The Knife, taken down the basement and strung up by her wrists with a rope inside a cage, the walls decorated with sundry sharp weapons.

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