Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 7th Hunt, Part 2 *Decent Ws DVD Rip*


The Knife burns Sarah Fairmont (Olivia Solomons) with his cigarette stub and yanks off her tape gag. He starts the usual killer psycho babble with her, she spits in his face. He cuts her belly with a knife as he lays her spoiled rich girl life out as he sees. Meanwhile,  Ariel Clarke (Imogen Bailey) wakes up with her hands tied behind her, blindfolded in a maze-like area, with The Sniper watching her as she cries out and flails around blindly.  Ariel creeps around as best she can with the Sniper watching her close, grinning. Elsewhere, Callie Clarke (Cassady Maddox) thrashes and struggles, tape-gagged and fixed to a cross with chains and leather manacles. The Inquisitor sits bound and shackled pretending to be another captive, but drops the ruse quickly so she can begin tormenting Callie about her drawings of pain and bondage. The Knife pulls out the blade from Sarah  who spews insults at her tormentor. He stabs her again. In the maze, Ariel works off her blindfold as the Sniper stalks her.

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