Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 7th Hunt, Part 3 *Decent Ws DVD Rip*


The Sniper continues his pursuit of Ariel Clarke (Imogen Bailey) through the maze, taking pot-shots at her when he can. Ariel begs and appeals to him, saying her life is over because she can't run anymore, her one real talent. The Sniper puts her out of her misery. Sarah Fairmont (Olivia Solomons) tells The Knife she's sorry, he looks baffled, angry and confused and stalks off. The Inquisitor gives Callie Clarke (Cassady Maddox) an injection in the neck before slowly peeling the tape off Callie's mouth. The Knife returns with a stun gun and starts working Sarah over with another blade. He cuts her down from the pipe and leaves her bleeding on the concrete floor. Callie begins having nightmare-like hallucinations from the drugs. The Inquisitor gives her a counter-agent and after a while reveals she was Callie's online friend. The Inquisitor starts electrocuting Callie via a control panel.

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