Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 7th Hunt, Part 4 *Decent Ws Web Rip*



Callie Clarke (Cassady Maddox) is still being interrogated by the Inquisitor who seems to have a more personal reason for targeting the girl, something to do with a man named Simon.the inquisitor puts a plastic bag over Callie's head and noose around her neck. She pulls the noose tight. She partially suffocates Callie over and over with the bag, demanding to know about Simon. she gets a confession out of Callie about Simon, who swears on her life its true. But Simon doesn't exist, therefore Callie lied and has to die. She puts the bag back over Callie's head. The Hand interrupts things on some pretense, and the Inquisitor stabs her to death. The Inquisitor tightens the noose around Callie's neck and leaves the room. Callie uses the opportunity to escape her shackles. the killer returns and sees Callie has escaped. the women wrestle and fight on the floor. Callie gets the better of her torturer and hogties her with the rope. The mastermind behind the whole thing finds Inquisitor bound and after chastising her, he cuts her loose.

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