Monday, October 20, 2014

The Woman *Hq Ws DVD Rip*

In this horror film, a middle class lawyer takes it upon himself to try and civilize a feral woman (played by  Pollyanna McIntosh) he's found in the woods behind his farm. He catches her in a drop-net and knocks her out with his rifle butt. In the cellar they rig up a system of  manacles and wires to keep her restrained. During his examination of her, she bites off one of his fingertips so that later he returns with a gun a fires by her head to make his point known. Still restrained, they try to feed her with limited success. Afterward, the captive is stripped of her filthy rags, washed down in the yard and put in a clean blouse, skirt and shoes. Her next feeding goes much better. One night, the father pays his captive a visit and the son sneaks out and watches as Dad gropes the woman's breast. the son comes back the following day and pays a visit of his own. the daughter checks up on her afterward and finds the woman topless and wounded with bloody pliers marks on her stomach.

In a surprising plot twist,  a teacher Genevieve Raton (Carlee Baker)  shows up at the door over concerns that the daughter is pregnant and being abused,  and dear old Dad knocks the woman unconscious. Father and son drag Genevieve across the lawn, into the barn and feed her struggling and screaming to two vicious German shepherds, as well as a feral child who lives with the dogs . Hearing the woman's pitiful screams, the daughter frees the captive feral woman, who then extracts a terrible, bloody revenge on her tormentors.

*Bloody violence, nudity and language.*

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