Saturday, October 25, 2014

True Blood: "Love Is To Die" *Hq Ws Web Rip*


Jessica angrily asks Bill why he is refusing to feed on Sarah Newlin and, thus, be cured from his accelerated case of Hep-V. When Bill hesitates to answer, Sookie accuses him of not even having a reason. Bill states that he has accepted his fate, to which Jessica correctly points out that accepting his fate only makes sense if there is no alternative. As they argue, Pam nervously tells them to keep their voices down, fearful that they will be overheard by the Yakuza standing by upstairs.

Later, Sarah whimpers to herself in the dungeon, still bound and gagged. Suddenly, the door opens and two Yakuza men make their way down the stairs. She begins to cry out at the sight of them walking toward her. They stand her up and unchain her and lead her, kicking and screaming, up the stairs. They bring her into the back office of Fangtasia and sit her in a chair. Sarah muffles "What do you want?" and begins to panic at the sight of Pam stirring something in a bowl. Pam reveals her desired method of torment: dying Sarah's hair back to her natural blond.

A gagged Sarah sits quietly with her head covered in foil as Pam continues the dye process. Pam asks the Yakuza men monitoring them if she can remove Sarah's gag to reach the hair that the gag is blocking. They stare at her blankly, as they do not understand English. Seeing that she will get nowhere with them, Pam proceeds to glamour Sarah into not screaming, and removes her gag. Sarah coughs a bit, and thanks her. Pam responds by telling her to put her chin down. Sarah asks for water, but Pam ignores her request and again orders her to bow her head forward so that she can dye the hair on the back of her head.

Afterward, Eric walks into the back office in search of Pam, but there is no one there. He continues to call her name as he walks down the stairs into the dungeon. He sees Sarah bound and gagged back in her original spot, her hair fully blond again. However, the Yakuza are now pointing weapons at Eric, while Pam ( Kristin Bauer van Straten) is bound in silver restraints on a table, large stake is hoisted above her, held in place by three ropes.

Mr. Gus emerges from the back and asks Eric where he has been that night. Eric answers that he had been with friends. Mr. Gus asks if that would include Sookie, the fangbanger. Eric lies and says no. Mr. Gus caresses Pam's hair and tells Eric that despite his generosity, Eric has given him nothing in return except for lies. He shouts an order in Japanese, and one of the Yakuza unsheathes a sword and cuts one of the ropes. The stake instantly drops a foot, as Pam yelps in fear.

The display startles Eric, who is now caught between protecting Sookie and saving Pam from the True Death. Mr. Gus then asks if Sookie knows about Sarah. Eric warns Mr. Gus that if any harm comes to Sookie, then the deal between them is off. Mr. Gus informs him that Eric's necessity is only as relevant as he determines it to be, and shouts another order to the Yakuza. The swordman cuts the second rope, which causes the stake to drop another foot.

Mr. Gus kisses Pam on the forehead and bids her goodnight in Japanese. He shouts another order, and the swordman raises his arm to cut the third rope. Eric shouts for him to stop, and Mr. Gus holds his hand out, signaling the Yakuza to stand by. With the sword on the third rope, Eric reluctantly admits that Sookie knows the truth about Sarah. Mr. Gus sarcastically applauds Eric for his honesty, and asks where Sookie lives.

*Violence and Language Warning*

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