Saturday, October 18, 2014

True Blood:"You're No Good" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Despite the objections of his companions, Eric takes the governor's daughter Willa Burrell ( Amelia Rose Blaire) as a hostage / bargaining chip, after the man declares all-out war on vampires. Eric puts a piece of duct tape over her mouth after declaring she lives,  because she's the only bargaining piece they have. We see Eric at Ginger's house under the pretense that they were going to have sex if she invited him in. Ginger does, whereupon Eric's party - Willa, Pam, and Tara - reveal themselves to her disappointment. Eric announces that he and Willa would be sleeping in the coffin bed and Pam and Tara will be sleeping in the cubby. Pam protests that they should all sleep together and Willa should sleep somewhere else, but Eric says he will not take the risk of Pam killing Willa. Snuggled up in the double-wide coffin, Willa peels off the tape and pesters Eric while he's asleep. He tells her to put the tape back. Ginger wakes them both later on, and tells Eric that the Governor is on his phone. Willa is hand-gagged by Eric who then passes her off to Pam and Tara to keep quiet while he goes into another room to talk. Tara puts a fresh piece of tape over Willa's mouth.

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