Sunday, November 16, 2014

Alcatraz:"Webb Porter" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In one of the more offbeat conspiracy series, somehow all the guards and inmates from Alcatraz Island vanish, only to re-appear in the modern day and there's a secret agency charged with finding them all. In this episode, a musically-inclined serial killer who drowns single women in the bathtub is on the prowl. In this first scene, Karen Feiner (Nicole LaPlaca) liesbarefoot,  tied up with white rope and cleave-gagged in her bed, dressed in old-fashioned lingerie, whimpering as the killer enters the room and declares he's not ready. Later,  he returns unties her, and drags her kicking and struggling into the bathroom.

Afterward, Susan Lee (Jennifer Spence) finds a charming stranger on her porch playing a violin. After some sweet talk, he rushes her. He returns later and Susan is in the same position as the previous victim, cleave gagged, with her mouth stuffed as well, tied down on the bed in old lingerie, and she suffers a similar fate.

Finally, a redhead played by Linda Tomassone is in the killer's clutches, but our heroes get to her before he can murder her.

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