Sunday, November 16, 2014

Level 9 : "Mail Call" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this episode,  a woman under witness protection (Grace Bishop aka Gina Bartholomew played by Leslie Hope) is kidnapped by criminal with his own agenda, who comes to her door disguised as a mailman. After she shoots a neighbor, he dashes after Grace and grabs her as she's calling 911. he overpowers and chloroforms her. Later, she wakes up in his lair, securely bound and gagged with duct tape. He videos her and posts it to pirate message board, largely to draw out the Level 9 team.

Afterward, he gets his hands on a member of Level 9 who manages to fish out the Cd from Grace's player, and using the edge of the disk manages to cut Grace's hands loose.

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