Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Selfgags: Mistress Kailey Gags Her Slave (Gifs)

From Selfgags; It's time for Mistress Kailey to do some more gagging on her slave, Syoja! Kailey stuffs a pair of her worn panties as well as one of her worn socks in Syoja's mouth. The busty mistress then tapes her slave's mouth shut with clear duct tape, wrapping it all the way around her head.

Kailey's yellow sock comes through beautifully underneath the tape while the panties is pressed back deeply in Syoja's mouth. Syoja mmph's and moans through her humiliating gag. Syoja gets teased by Kailey who grabs another pair of her worn panties and pulls them down over Syoja's head. The crotch panel covers Syoja's nose and the panties smells like they've been worn for days!