Sunday, December 14, 2014

Beyond: Two Souls (Gameplay Video)

Ellen Page lends her voice and likeness to heroine Jodie Holmes this video games about a young woman with psychic abilities as she's linked with a supernatural entity named Aiden. Through Aiden, Jodie can experience various "out of body" moments and examine her environment from another point of view. In this stealth action segment, Jodie takes a beating and is captured by a thug. After Aiden shows Jodie various items in the area to help Jodie's situation, she wakes up with her hands tied behind her back. The player then has to perform proper moves to untie Jodie, take down her captor and escape the room.

*I took out the sound and replaced it with some appropriately themed music because of all the fanboy oohing, ahhing and other stupidity in this video. Just shut up and show me the damn game.*

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