Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hell Hath No Fury (TV Movie) *Ws Web Rip*

Amanda Peterson plays Michelle Ferguson in this overwrought made for TV movie about a happy rich wife who finds her husband, friends and family under attack by an obsessive psychopath. In this clip, Michelle is tricked into meeting the psycho under the ruse her mother has been in a car wreck. Riding in the car, a turn is missed, alarming the girl and a gun is pulled on Michelle. Michelle is forced to call her mother who has gone to an airport to find her and a meeting place in arranged. After a confrontation with the killer,  Michele and her mother escape. The killer gives chase and walks into a trap set by the girl's mother. fortunately the cops are hot on the heels of things. Afterward, Connie (Loretta Switt) is escorted into an ambulance, enclosed in a straitjacket.

*Found this version on Youtube; according to the database there's supposed to be a scene where the villainess ties Michelle's hands with the white tape, but it doesn't exist in this copy.*

Download the Clip