Saturday, December 13, 2014

Peter Pan: LIVE ! *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this clip from the lavishly staged, yet dull and stiffly-paced made for TV incarnation of the J. M. Barrie storyTiger Lily (Alanna Saunders) is caught by some pirates after she picks up a piece of their discarded map of Neverland. She's left tied to a rock (a rope looped around both wrists in front of her) and about to left to drown, But Peter Pan throws his voice and tricks the pirates into releasing her, and she scampers off.

Later, after Wendy Darling (Taylor Louderman), her brothers, and the Lost Boys are all captured by the pirates, Captain Hook orders Wendy tied to the mast and prepares to have the boys walk the plank. However, Peter and Tiger Lily sneak aboard and cause a ruckus below decks. convinced the ship is accursed, Captain Hook blames Wendy for their stroke of ill luck, and has her untied so she can be cast overboard as well. Peter flies in adn with the troupe of well-armed Lost Boys intercedes.

*Don't feel badly if you missed this. Even diehard Christopher Walken fans will find little to approve of here. Had its moments of delight, but overall you could feel the time crawling by.*

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