Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Selfgags: Strict Stepmom Disciplines The Annoying Substitute Teacher (Pics)

From Selfgags.com; My stepson came home and told me he got a detention by the new substitute teacher at school. Her name is Kendra and I invited her home for a little talk and to make her understand that nobody grounds my stepson and especially not a substitute teacher! I express my concern to Kendra but she doesn't seem to give a fuck so I grab her arms, pull them behind her back and handcuff her. I'm a disciplinarian and this little bitch definitely needs some discipline. I hand-gag Kendra and make her get a good whiff of my dirty panties before I shove them in her mouth, tape gag her and put her in tight tape bondage on my couch! Nobody fucks around with me or my stepson without getting punished for it.