Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Selfgags.com: Street Walking Stripper Bitch Taped Up And Exposed

From Selfgags.com Sexy stripper Gianna Love suddenly found herself getting pulled into a van, taped up, cleave gagged and driven away by a masked man on a normal Saturday night. The masked man carries Gianna into his apartment over his shoulder with Gianna's ass in the air. Gianna curses at her captor and is given a little spanking before she's put down on the bed.

He then removes Gianna's cleave gag and stuffs her own panties in her mouth. Gianna whimpers and mmpphh's. Her own worn panties are now being taped in her mouth by her captor who rolls the silver duct tape all the way around her head. The gag is tight and it's humiliating. Gianna really is a damsel in distress, a hard working stripper who just wanted to make some money dancing tonight.