Monday, December 1, 2014

Surgical Strike (Video Game)

 Surgical Strike was a full motion video based game developed by The Code Monkeys and published by Sega of America, and released in 1993. High-tech urban guerrillas are attacking innocent people but once they're done with their carnage they fade back into the landscape.In command of a high-tech stealth hovercraft, the player must find hidden enemies and destroy them without harming innocent citizens.

In the first cutscene, a blond and brunette woman play two of three hostages during scene where the leader taunts the good guys. The blond stands struggling, chained to a large bomb while the brunette is in the background, next to a guy, arms chained overhead with manacles.

In a later cutscene, Andrea Elson plays one of the members of the plater's team who has been captured by the lead baddie and lies draped across the back of his hovercraft, with her hands tied together in front. The player then as to chase the baddie down, destroy sundry targets and avoid losing the escaping baddie, as well as avoid harming his hostage before the final fight.

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