Saturday, January 31, 2015

Crossing Lines: "Pilot" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this first episode from a cop series about a special law enforcement team that pursues criminals across international borders,  Anne-Marie San (Moon Daily) is kidnapped off-screen by a serial killer. She wakes up bound and bit-gagged in the trunk of  the killer's car. he manages to slip past a security checkpoint due to diplomatic plates, and later he opens the trunk and knocks her out with a flashlight after the car gets a flat tire. A cop turns up to help and he manages to convince the officer to load the flat tire in the backseat because of the "diplomatic materials" in the trunk. Later, the killer carries Anne-Marie into an apartment bedroom and puts her on the bed.

He gets her cleaned up and take her gag off for a brief chat, before showing off his closet full of ritual dresses her prefers his victims to wear before murdering them. He chloroforms the struggling woman before re-dressing her. in a wooded area, she recovers from the drug to find her hands zip-tied in front, as he drags her into the trees. He cuts her hands loose, and pricks her wrist with his knife just for kicks...

(She's rescued soon after that point, more or less unharmed)

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