Sunday, January 25, 2015

Days of Our Lives: August 1st 2014 *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Rewinding a bit to get to the beginning of Kristen DiMera's (Eileen Davidson) captivity, Kristin walks into a hotel room and finds a man unconscious, and an empty chair with rope lying across it, just before she's jumped from behind and hand-gagged. she struggles furiously and tries to escape, but he re-captures and overpowers her again. He chokes her out and carries her to the storeroom.

He listens at the door and then returns to Kristen, who's been playing possum and attacks him. He somehow gets the upperhand again, pins her down on the floor and hand-gags her again. Later, Kristen is seen with her hands tied behind her back, her mouth stuffed with a rag and sealed with strip of black gaffer's tape. When a thug comes to snoop around the storage room, he clamps a hand over Kristin's gagged mouth as an extra measure.

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