Monday, January 26, 2015

Hollyoaks: January 16th-19th 2015" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Local murdering nutter Will Savage has escaped custody and pays a visit on Dodger, and catches Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) as a bonus. He hand-gags her but she unafraid of him and in her jealousy, she agrees to help Will in his plans. They surprise Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter ) and kidnap her and afterward she's seen tied up to a metal chair with cloth rags. Will leaves Sienna in charge of her so he can cause some other havoc.

Theresa tries to talk sense into Sienna, but her jealousy of Theresa's relationship blinds her. Eventually, she reaches Sienna who calls on Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) to help untie theresa, but Will returns and catches them in the act. Later, after a confrontation with Will, Dodger dashes to save a bound girl hidden in a construction site, but reveals its Sienna and not theresa. elsewhere, Theresa and Maxine sit tied up in chairs side by side as Will gets ready for the final step in his plan.

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