Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hollyoaks: September 19th, 2007 *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this episode, Katy Fox (Hannah Tointon) is kidnapped by Clare Devine who wants revenge on Katy's brother. Katy walks into her apartment and finds the place trashed and is attacked by unknown assailant. Afterward, the guys are led on a wild goose chase by the kidnapper, and in a red herring, figure sits bound to a chair and gagged and gets splattered with blood red paint when a door is opened revealing it to be a mannequin.

Elsewhere, Katy in an extreme close-up of Katy's face as her tear-filled eyes flutter open. She is OTM gagged with a thick yellow/white cloth, as the camera pans out to show her lying on her side on the concrete floor of a garage. Her hands are crossed and bound behind her back with duct tape, ankles also taped together.Clare then enters the garage and sits on a chair looking down at her captive. A terrified Katy starts sobbing into her gag, but Clare shows no pity. She removes the gag long enough to give Katy some bottled water, pulling it down over her chin, then re-gags her when she is done. Clare leaves.

Katy is again alone in the garage. She struggles to get to a sitting position, then energetically shuffles along the floor on her bottom to try and escape, all with a determined look in her eyes. She stops short when the door opens and whimpers at the sight of Clare. Ignoring the escape attempt, Clare removes the tape from Katy's ankles and drags her to her feet.

Clare leads her captive around by one arm. She places her in the passenger seat of a red open-top convertible, strapping her in with the seat belt, then gets in the driver side and heads off. The car arrives at the rendezvous point, a dock. Clare gets out, leaving Katy to sit helplessly in the car. After an angry exchange, Clare realizes the men have double-crossed her, she gets back in the car and speeds off.

Two cars are involved in a high-speed chase during which Katy rubs the gag against her shoulder, managing to loosen it and plead with Clare to stop the car. She struggles and manages to free her wrists but is unable to bail out of the car because of the speed. The car winds up in a river and the heroes dive in and rescue Katy.

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