Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hollyrope: Case of the Wolf Part 1 (Preview)

From Hollyrope; Chrissy Marie is a police agent who is after a criminal known as "The Wolf", while she was in her office, The Wolf pays Chrissy a visit, knocking her by covering her mouth with a rag soaked in some sort of chemical. When she wakes up, Chrissy finds herself cuffed to a char with her own handcuffs, and gagged. After a long struggling, she manages to find the keys of her handcuffs and get free. She noticed something before she got KO'ed: the criminal had the perfume her boyfriend always wears! Now Chrissy knows the real identity of The Wolf and goes after him, so she call her partner Irish in order to find the criminal. This is were things get interesting...

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