Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber *Hq Ws Web Rip*

From Trifecta; In this feature-length russian animated feature,  Alyonushka, a slender, auburn-haired young woman who serves as chronicler of the tale seems to be in danger left and right as she attempts to follow the story of a good-hearted lout. In the first bit, our spunky but luckless heroine is captured by bandits and left bound hand and foot, gagged over the nose and tied to the trunk of a huge tree. The hero, snaps the ropes on the far side of the trunk, dumping Alyonushka unceremonious to the ground before he unties her.

Later in the story, she is lured into the carriage of a slimy nobleman where she is captured again. In the next scene, the sleazeball presents a large gift to the Emperor of Constantinople. After the creep peels away the gift wrapping, we find our lovely reporter again over-the-nose gagged, with plenty of rope wrapped around her body.

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