Monday, January 5, 2015

Mankillers *Ws Web Rip*

In this dumb 80s action movie, a female CIA agent is brought of self-imposed retirement, to recruit and train and all-convict army of women in order to bring down her old partner who has founded his own cocaine and white slavery ring. In this first bit, three girls are brought out of the back of a truck with their hands tied in front, as the crooks complete a deal. But our lead creep knows the guys he's dealing with a cops and a shoot-out commences. after all the cops are ead, one of the girls makes a run for it and gets shot.

Later, three more cleave-gagged and bound girls are brought into the camp. the leader takes the brunette in and tries to seduce her. After the gag comes of she spits in his face and he kills her with a switchblade. Afterward, three members of the "army" find some girls tied out to a tree, but it's bait for a trap and they are all captured. The lead baddie has our heroine Rachael McKenna (Lynda Aldon) tied spreadeagle to a wall inside his shack, but she's rescued after the remaining recruits butch up to the job.

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