Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pfefferkörner: "Kinderkram" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Lotta Doll plays young mother Janin Klinger who stumbles on the hideout of a man and woman responsible for the theft of a large number of baby push strollers around town. she tries to flee, but is knocked out with a stun gun. she wakes up fastened to a chair and gagged with tape as the crooks load up another bunch of stolen strollers into their van. In her struggles, she knocks the chair over. The crooks decide to keep her captive until they can finish moving their merchandise.

Later, some of the kids come looking for Janin but find nothing but the empty warehouse the all too helpful woman who shows them around. Janin crouches bound, gagged and locked in a storage bin, with the kids unaware, and they leave. The kidnappers feed Janin some pizza then tie and gag her again and stuff her in the storage bin. But the kids turn up unexpectedly and the woman grabs her hostage. Two boys cut off her escape. the girls call the cops and eventually Janin is saved and crooks caught.

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