Saturday, January 17, 2015

Popular Mechanics for Kids: "Whodunnit?" *Decent ws Web Rip*

A young Elisha Cuthbert faces the test of the polygraph machine in this episode of the program about crime-solving. She's sitting in a chair with black straps around her chest. Her arms aren't secured but remain on the arm rests, one hand is wired to the lie detector.

Later, Elisha and the male host Tyler are in a police station. He's a cop and she's a suspect handcuffed to the desk by one wrist. He tells her the case is solved and she says "Great! Now can you get these handcuffs off me?". He searches his pockets for a minute then says "Oops! I left the key in my jacket which is at home. I'll be back in a couple of hours." He leaves and the camera pans to Elisha who thanks the audience for watching and makes some remark about Tyler not being back next week. Then the camera closes into a shot of Elisha's cuffed hand as she struggles and tries to pull it out of the cuffs.

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