Monday, January 19, 2015

Reclaim *Hq Ws DVD Rip*

In this thriller, a young couple adopts an orphan girl from Puerto Rico, but things go haywire when the agency people they were adopting the girl from vanish. They discover that they've been the victims of a confidence scheme but rather than give up, they decide to follow-up and try to reclaim their promised daughter.

In this clip, Shannon (Rachelle Lefevre) are lured out of their hotel room by a young woman who promises to help them and are quickly set upon, bound gagged and kidnapped at gunpoint. At the boss's hideout,  the duo are intensely interrogated at length and afterward locked up in a  outbuilding, with their hands zip-tied to some old kitchen shelves.

With her husband carted off on an errand to bleed their bank accounts dry, Shannon fights pulls and struggles at her restraints before finally breaking free from the shelves. she lights a gas stove and burns the zip-ties off her wrists (ouch).

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