Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Selfgags: "Spoiled Brat Wraps Up Her Babysitter!" (Gifs)

From Selfgags.com; Spoiled little Asian brat Mina is mad at her babysitter for not letting her go out clubbing in the middle of the night and therefore decides to get the babysitter out of the way by totally immobilizing her with tape. Mina sneaks up behind the babysitter who's quietly reading a magazine on the bed. She quickly stuffs a pair of panties in the babysitter's surprised mouth before she tapes it shut with a roll of girly heart-print duct tape. The babysitter moans and protests but Mina is unstoppable and wraps the tape all the way around her babysitter's head! To secure the gag and to quiet down her babysitter even more, Mina adds several strips of tape to her babysitter's gagged mouth before she starts taping up her babysitter's hands and legs. Now that the babysitter has been taped up and gagged, all Mina needs is to make sure her babysitter will have no chance for escape later on this evening so Mina adds the final touch and wraps up her mmph'ing babysitter with blue saran wrap.