Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Selfgags.com: Fondled by the Stalker (Gifs)

 From Selfgags; A lesbian stalker has kept an eye on busty redhead Kailey for quite a while and now sees her chance to grab Kailey and play around with her big titties. The stalker breaks into Kailey's apartment and firmly clamps her hand over Kailey's mouth to keep her quiet. Kailey struggles and moans in desperation as she finds her big tits being thoroughly groped and fondled by this masked woman whom Kailey has never seen or heard of before.

Both Kailey's breasts are getting groped and felt all over outside and inside her top while she's kept tightly hand gagged by her ruthless stalker who came prepared with a roll of silver duct tape and a pair of panties. When Kailey starts struggling too much, the woman tapes Kailey's hands behind her back and shoves a pair of panties in Kailey's mouth before she tapes it shut with several strips of duct tape. Kailey's tape gag is big and heavy. She's bound, gagged and helpless and there is nothing she can do to escape her lesbian stalker.