Monday, January 26, 2015

The Night of The Cat *Web Rip*

In this bit of stupid 70s sleaze, Susan Waldrop plays Beth who dons a black wig and a slinky catsuit to seek revenge on the local mafia after her sister is murdered. Her path of revenge is upended quickly, when she's choked out and captured within seconds of sneaking into the thugs base of operations.

She wakes up tied spreadeagle on a cot in the attic with three leering crooks mocking her. The leader takes a sharp knife and begins cutting off her catsuit. He splits the fabric here and there revealing her black bra and panties underneath. The crooks get called away and the knife is left by the captive woman's foot.

Wriggling and struggling, she gets one foot loose passe the knife up and over to one hand and she cuts herself loose from the ropes. She gets up, throws a chair and quickly karate chops the thugs that rush in to investigate, then she leaves.

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