Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Russian Music Video "Fellini" by Bi2 and Splin

Another video I uncovered while visiting Myvideo, in which a pretty woman in a green dress lies tied up and tape gagged in a couch with an unconscious man lying on the floor close by bound and gagged with brown packing tape. In the kitchen, a young man turns on all the gas registers on the stove and stuffs an envelope behind a hot lightbulb as a death trap.

After a series of short flashbacks, he lies on top of her and speaks with her, then he sits in a chair and stares off into space. She surreptitiously slips loose of the ropes and slinks away just before the envelope ignites.

*If anyone can help identify the band and /or the song, I'd appreciate it. Drop me an email.*

Download Here