Saturday, February 21, 2015

Castle: "Resurrection" & "Reckoning" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this extended combined clip, Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic)  is quickly knocked out via an injection in the arm and kidnapped off the street with the aid of a wheelchair by an unknown assailant. The words "help her" are left scrawled on the back window of Kate's car for the heroes to find.

Later,  the silhouette of woman struggling bound and gagged in a chair is seen in an abandoned building. The police and our hero arrive in force to check out the scene, and we see a woman matching Kate's physical description struggling in a chair, bound. Kate's voice calls out a warning before shots are fired and woman slumps over dead. Panicked our hero reveals that it's some other poor woman gagged wearing a wig. Elsewhere, Kate wakes up barefoot, strapped to a medical table, cleave gagged and in a mock-up of a surgical suite, with cameras on the wall. Beckett is being held captive by Dr. Kelly Nieman, who is preparing to alter her face.

Afterward, our hero in course of doing some snooping around a house that figured significantly in a previous case gets the drop on Amy Berett (Laura Coover). After some interrogation, he zip-cuffs her hands behind her and stuffs her in the trunk of his car. Meanwhile, Dr. Neiman is toying with Kate and removes her gag, after stating "Don't scream. It's tedious, and no one can hear you anyway." Kate is re-gagged after some talk with quite insane doctor.

Our hero meantime, has slipped into the house and is doing some searching, but one of the baddies gets the drop on him, TASERs him, and he's captured. Kate picks at the threads of her straps. The baddie is dropped dead with a sniper's bullet and an emergency trace is performed on his phone. Dr. Kelly Nieman readies to carve up Kate's face. Kate grabs her hand with an icy look and sits up...

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