Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oh Madeleine:"Things that Go Bump in the Night" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

The late Madeline Kahn played Madeline Wayne in this brief-run sitcom. In this episode, Madeleine mistakes a late-night intruder for a jealous boyfriend her friend Robert is hiding out from, but instead turns out to be a burglar. Madeline ends up tied hand and foot with torn bed sheets, seated on the couch while the stranger looks the house over. Madeline tries to (quietly) call for Robert, but when that fails, she crawls off the couch to let out his dog. Robert corals the pooch and winds up getting caught by the robber as well.

Madeline and Robert are tied together back to back with torn sheets and decide to make some sort of escape plan. Getting to the phone doesn't quite work out, so they make a clumsy attempt to get out the front door. The robber catches them and the pair are seen in the kitchen tied with much more fabric in  two wooden kitchen chairs.

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