Monday, February 16, 2015

Scorpion King: Quest for Power *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Ellen Hollman plays Vallina in this direct to DVD sequel in which our hero is betrayed by a n evil king who is after an ancient artifact. In the first scene, Vallina is captured at knifepoint by the lead baddie and his thugs. Shes tied up to a chair between our hero and her father and the house is set alight with torches, after the baddie steals some information about the artifact. After some struggle, a dagger is found, the heroes cut themselves loose and escape.

Later, in a jungle our heroes set off a trapdoor and plummet into the depths. They are surrounded and netted by tribe of primitives. Vallina is tied back to back against a tree with our hero, and the group are offered as sacrifice to a large of over-large jungle spiders by the primitives. As teh creatures creep and crawl over the struggling captives, our hero let's out a primal scream and the spiders climb down and back into the box, much to the surprise of their captors.

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